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FMK and Jacquelyn Trezzo of Open Studio introduce Art House, an art experience inspired by today’s tech-driven culture. Social media provides a window into the lives of others, helps expand our universe of knowledge, and offers access to beautiful images which we fall in “like” with every day. FMK’s followers will now have the opportunity to virtually enter the artists' studio and delve more deeply into the mind of each Art House resident. Viewers will gain access to a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of a working artist.

During each artist residency, FMK will host an opening exhibit showcasing a collection of their work. Guests of Fulton Market Kitchen will have the opportunity to meet each artist, observe, engage, and draw inspiration from their creative process. Ultimately, we aim to help art lovers experience falling in love with the artists' vision and to become collectors of amazing creations.

Interested in being an Art House resident? Please e-mail:

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