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How to Use the Services of the Expert-analytical Center of the Academy of Sciences

In the case where the author may encounter the following problems:

  • information must be verified and substantiated, reliable. To do this, you will need to check the work, read a lot of literature in order to compare the data and make sure they are plausible.

  • quality of work. It is difficult to verify this aspect, since the qualifications, knowledge and skills of the performer are unknown to us.

Can the analytical services be trusted? At the moment, on the Internet you can find both a legally operating site that has established itself as a worthy "performer" and a "one-day portal". It is important to check the status of the site, find out its expiration date, read reviews about it.

Request a dissertation at the department in an educational institution

This is one of the most reliable and proven methods. Some studies are stored for some time at the department. Of course, you may not be given a job at home, but you can study it within the walls of an educational institution.

This institution houses a real repository of scientific works. It should be noted that in this center there are only proven, highly qualified dissertations, works that were carried out by professionals. All the works stored in the expert-analytical center of the Academy of Sciences have already helped someone acquire a scientific degree or title, this is a real, unique and significant work.

Moreover, in dissertations on his own or similar topic, the author can draw a lot of information for his own research, analyze the relevance, degree of study, and novelty of his work.

Thus, it is necessary to look for sample dissertations in reliable and trusted places. Having received a "template", do not rush to copy information from it. The dissertation involves not a simple citation, but an analysis of other works in order to identify "one's own way and method." It is unacceptable to copy other people's ideas, you can only rely on them in the course of proof and argumentation of the theory put forward. It is important to check the information for such criteria as clarity, clarity, reliability, validity, logic.

A dissertation sample from will help the author get on the right track, avoid the problems and mistakes that his “predecessor” faced, emphasize the uniqueness of the work, its novelty and practical significance, relevance. This makes it worthwhile to get it.

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