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5X5 Resident Artist Series

FMK Erik Debat

Erik Debat’s high-energy artwork goes beyond the street and is influenced by Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. Combining the wit and sensibility of American abstract popartists with the landscape of life and urban culture; Erik is inspired by the energies of the city streets and realism found in the everyday. Through appropriation of found objects, he manifests, records and contemplates satire in the American icon.

5x5 features a new artist each week, each artist will create an original piece or multiple pieces of art . A myriad of mediums and styles will be showcased. Each artist has a week to create new work, the finished work will be exhibited prominently in the main room of Fulton Market Kitchen for one week thereafter. Each piece will be available for purchase with 90% of the sale going directly to the artist and 10% of the proceeds being donated to a local charity selected by the artist.

“Our aspiration for 5x5 is to provide an innovative and dynamic platform for Chicago’s ever-growing community of talented artists who work in various disciplines. Here, these creators have the opportunity to both express themselves and connect with nascent art lovers in the city. This series welcomes guests to understand the complex process that goes into creating much of the art that we see,” says Founder and Managing Partner, Daniel Alonso.

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