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Nathalie Gribinski is a French-American painter based in the US whose works have been exhibited internationally. Having formerly trained to be a lawyer, she discovered her passion for art upon moving from Paris to Chicago. Studying graphic art soon led to a creative revelation and a new path forward.

“The sky is not always green, the grass not always blue, the clouds not always purple, the sun not always red. Through my art, I am trying to convey a colorfully rich and warm atmosphere that explodes with vivid colors and balances with a harmony of curves and shapes. I aim to create a fluid melody.“

“While I don’t seek out to set themes, my work, primarily abstract, does naturally contain repeated symbols or ideas such as generosity, love, humor, fantasy, sound, and spirit. In addition, my paintings showcase powerful emotions, vibrant colors, and thoughtful expressions of human complexity.“

“Shapes interact like oxygen bubbles, free from each other. Sensual curves form whimsical, childish characters, exploding into waves of light. They often sink into deep seas harmoniously.  It is a dance, a choreography of the eternal - a carefree shape indeed, an essential tango of genuine joy. I created it because I do not want to die.”

Never Out of Shapes is presented in collaboration with Povos, Chicago’s newest online gallery, custom works service, and art events social action organization.

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