This Halloweekend, turn a look, strike a pose and step back in time to the Silver Era. We invite Chicago to join us for an immersive, socially-distanced dining experience curated by Daniella DeLuna + Alexander Tsanov. Inspired by Warhol’s studio The Factory, guests will be treated to a four-course meal, inspired by the late icon’s most famous pieces - handcrafted by Executive Chef Chris Curren. As they dine beneath the silver spotlight, guests may spot a menage of Andy’s superstars wandering about the space or catch a glimpse of the artist snapping photos for his next portrait. Warhol himself may even find a muse in his guests and invite them to come into his studio for a quick Polaroid photo shoot. At this happening gala, everyone has the chance to be famous for 15 minutes.

Purchasing the early seating ticket will include a four-course meal. Purchasing the late seating will include the four-course meal and two specialty cocktails.

The four courses include a “Tuna Disaster” Crudo, inspired by “Tunafish Disaster”; a “Campbell’s Tomato Soup” Bisque and grilled cheese, inspired by “Campbell’s Soup 1”; a Pink Cow Steak, inspired by “Cow, 1966”; and a Cherry Coca-Cola Cake, inspired by “Green Coca-Cola Bottles”.

On the cocktail menu, we are offering the "Factory Cola", which is a take on a whiskey coke served in a coca-cola bottle, alongside the "Velvet Banana”, inspired by Andy’s famous Velvet Underground album cover.

During the service, we will also be screening films made by Andy Warhol from his archive throughout the restaurant. 

*Costumes are not required for this event but are highly recommended



We are excited to welcome Dwight White as the next guest of our Live Painting Series on October 29th

White is a visual storyteller who shares profound statements through his work. The truths he communicates with his viewers are done so with the intent to stimulate an emotional and self-reflective response. In his work, you find pieces of himself and his story; moments of his experience as a young African American male and of the history of connected experiences. White finds himself in Chicago, “reborn”, as an artist tasked with the role of being a powerful voice in the community and as a guide for the younger generations who are finding their path in this world.

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