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FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2017

Dominic Sansone and CJ Hungerman

Violence and disregard for life have become so ingrained in American society and culture that our collective consciousness is now shaped by paranoia and fear. The media we choose to consume numbs us and the suffering endured by others becomes nothing more than flickering images on a screen, slowly turning our desensitizations to apathy and fascination. The black market is awash in cheap weapons and in most cities if someone wants one, they can get one, legally or otherwise. Where change needs to take place is with the individual. All of us must speak out against violence of any type, no matter the circumstances, race, religion, or creed. This exhibition stands as a monument to our current state of affairs, to our gun-culture, to our kneeling at the altar of hate and intolerance, and to all the victims; past, present, and future.

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