Milton Coronado

Milton Coronado, Chicago born artist has a degree in illustration and design he currently resides in Pilsen as a proud Mexican American. Coronado is recognized as a motivational speaker and international muralist. He travels speaking about about the positive influence and transformation art has on communities and the children in them. He teaches at CAASE (Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Explotation) where he empowers young men to end sexual exploitation. Please visit portfolio at www.crownedart.com

Brett Whitacre

Brett Whitacre is a self taught and colorblind artist living and working in Northern Illinois. He has been producing works in the reverse glass painting technique for 12 years. Upon moving to Chicago in 2001, he began walking, biking, and driving the alleyways of the city seeking various discarded materials to use as a canvas. Pre-digital televisions, hard shell luggage, and storm windows were his favorite finds. Settling on his love for the crispness and pristine of paint on glass, found windowpanes became his main focus. Brett's work today is on windows but also tempered glass panels for a more modern feel. The subject matter varies greatly as his interests are broad. When asked why he pai


To say Chadwick is a rising star in the Art world is quite the understatement. Starting as a live performance artist in clubs and various parties across Chicago, Chadwick quickly turned heads and gained notoriety. This notoriety has lead to performances and tours with such notable musicians as the Chicago Afrobeat Project, London’s Lady Sovereign, and Chicago’s own The Cool Kids. He has also demonstrated his tribal/urban themes in large non-traditional mediums, such as being commissioned by Perry Farrell to paint a 1970 Buick Convertible live at Lollapalooza or being hired by Fiat to draw attention at the Chicago Auto Show. As an artist Chadwick believes in capturing the moment, whether it's

Franklin Riley

Franklin Riley has worked in the fine art world for the last twenty years. He is currently the Gallery Director at FM*Gallery and the curator at Fulton Market Kitchen. Originally participating in the sculpture program at GVSU; with an emphasis in metal casting and woodworking, he went on complete his BFA studies in painting and Art History at Kendall College of Art and Design in Michigan.

Nina Palomba

Nina Palomba is an American contemporary artist known for large format paintings and illustrations. Since her arrival to Chicago from the Wild West, Palomba has taken the art scene by storm. Nina stands at the forefront of Chicago’s street art resurgence as the only solo female artist to begin merging fine art with street art. Early cartooning, cheesecake pinups, and vintage advertisements influence Palomba’s studio work. Nina’s work strives to inspire happiness and positivity through vibrant notations of love. Nina has exhibited all over the country including in the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Modern Art, NY. She has also played a major role in hand painted productions for

Erik Debat

Erik Debat’s high-energy artwork goes beyond the street and is influenced by Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. Combining the wit and sensibility of American abstract pop artists with the landscape of life and urban culture; Erik is inspired by the energies of the city streets and realism found in the everyday. Through appropriation of found objects, he manifests, records and contemplates satire in the American icon.

Jas Petersen

Chicago’s Jas Peterson is a visual artist and Painter. Her work puts the fast girl at the forefront of a series of coming of age portraits that explore all forms of consumption in contemporary society. Jas uses the female form as the centerpiece in defining both the heroes and villains of current day while asking the audience to consistently question what they consider beautiful. A graduate from the Art Institute of Chicago and the daughter of an en Ecuadorian and Danish first generation American household of entrepreneurs. Jas is a child of new America, proudly calling Chicago her home.

Jane Georges

Jane Georges is a contemporary installation artist, painter, designer, and visioneer hailing from the midwest, calling Chicago her home since 2005. Through experimentation with curious and nostalgic non-traditional fibers, textures, objects of nature, lights, and colors, Jane documents memory, creates social experiments, and observes processes of change. She creates artworks and spaces of retreat through repetitive and therapeutic layering and weaving, works almost always in the moment, and gives craved attention to things often overlooked.

Jimmy Coyote

Jimmy Coyote is an artist that exists within & abides by the reality of a world outlined in her manifesto.​ Jimmy​ World concerns the failure of language as a shield from the absurdity of the institutions in everyday life. Humor and language are integral to Jimmy World. Her world explores the uncanny valley of dumbness that lives within the fine line between sincerity and insincerity - a hesitant embrace of the Internet & the present.In her work, this idea manifests itself in video performances, photographs of installations, and artifacts from constructed environments

Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld

Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld is an oil painter living in Chicago. She has pursued her passion for oil painting through study at the Jerusalem Studio School, and research in Germany, Italy, France and Ireland. Her work investigates the interactions of memory, history, perception, and nostalgia. These pursuits primarily manifest through the collection of photographs from individuals of varying backgrounds, which commingle and interact in Rosenfeld's canvas to create a new, fictional narrative that the unknown viewer may plausibly accept as a true representation of the past.

Joe Miller

Joe Miller is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist whose primary focus lives in painting. Miller received his MFA from the University of Chicago in 2008, where he worked with Catherine Sullivan and Theaster Gates on a number of multi-media and public projects. His own work consists primarily of large scale murals in both domestic and public venues. Miller is highly involved in holding seminars and speaking on public art practices, and he volunteers his time to engage with urban youth throughout the Mid-west on collaborative mural projects. Recent noteworthy completions consist of a 10,000 square foot mural in the Back of the Yards neighborhood at The Plant Chicago and leading a month l


Quest The Legend is urban contemporary artist from the Bronzeville neighborhood in Chicago. His aim is to create stories of tragedy, hope, love, and despair through brightly animated characters. His influences stream from, blues, classic rock, rap, Tex Avery cartoons, and from many of the great contemporary artists before him. Quest plans to take his career to the next level with his growing fan base of art collecting cartoon lovers.

Shelly RUIN Johnson

Chicago based mixed media artist Shelly "RUIN" Johnson has made a name for himself over the years live painting at various events and establishments across the Chicago land area. His style is easily recognized due to his love and use of old school pop imagery and bold line work. Shelly is self taught. His medium and style mixes acrylics, paint marker, and found objects resulting in creations of soulful pieces of artwork. Shelly Ruin's work and inspirations are ever evolving.

Marco Miller

Marco Miller is a Chicago painter, sculptor, designer, street artist. Marco's most recent work deals with the laborers at Mexico's mega-farms who endure harsh conditions and exploitation while supplying produce for American consumers. Marco wants to shed light on the "product of Mexico" stickers located on our produce that many of us just peel off.

Natasha Kohl

Chicago abstract artist, Natasha Kohli, was born in Evanston and grew up in the Chicago area. Her upbringing as an Indian-American exposed her to a variety of different spiritual and aesthetic influences. She comes from neither a ‘traditional’ Indian upbringing nor a ‘traditionally’ American one. Her travels to Delhi, Florence or New York, not to mention her beloved Chicago, have confirmed in her that all places are part of a whole.

Olivia Geyelin

Whether interviewing cacao farmers in the muddy forest of Manabi, Ecuador or concertgoers at Wisconsin’s Summerset Music Festival, Olivia Geyelin is always seeking what she calls “the authentic voice” for her productions. This Chicago-based videographer is skilled in all facets of production and her resume includes films for Cuisine For Cancer, The Days Inn, Jfod, To’ak, The Fader, The Gold Coast All Stars, Connect Inspire Grow, and Caffeinated Club, and a fundraising video for Lungevity. A graduate of Boston’s Suffolk University, Olivia holds a BA in Journalism and is fluent in Spanish.

Nina Palumbo

Nina Palumbo is a Chicago based illustrator and musician graduated from The American Academy of Art. Palumbo has a compositional sensitivity and love of rich texture that she hopes to apply to a potential future in Art Direction, Editorial, and Freelance Illustration. Her process order is abstract and involves a heavy blend of mixed media (watercolor, ink, acrylic, photography, dry media, etc.) and Photoshop.

Isabella Copeland

Isabella is a Chicago-based philosopher, artist, and writer. Currently entertained by questions of phenomenology, creative influence, and home-made terrariums, Isabella's writing series will likely reflect experiences of her own life. Beginning with a stream of consciousness exploration, Isabella hopes to identify and refine a complete theory by the end of her 5x5 Artist residence.

Jackie Trezzo

Jackie Trezzo is a Chicago-based curator, artist, and entrepreneur. She is one of the founders and creative director of Forever Now, she is also the manager of Fulton Market Kitchen's 5x5 Artist In Residence program. Jackie provides creative direction, event production, and photography services to a host of other local creative brands and individuals.

Hezatu Jalloh

Self-taught, contemporary artist Hezatu Jalloh brings portraiture art to life with Inspiration from her past residencies in London, Istanbul and now Chicago. The 21 year-old, UK-based artist depicts her life experiences into abstract portraiture art, that translates the bitter sweet elements of love, hate and madness.

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