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Drink This: A mezcal cocktail fit for Negroni lovers at Fulton Market Kitchen

Phil Vettel Reporter Chicago Tribune

When Liz Pearce joined Fulton Market Kitchen as its beverage director four months ago, she gathered the troops to explain the sort of cocktails she wanted to see on the new menu.

"Bright, summery, watermelon-y," Pearce said, adding, "but this is Chicago, so we still have to have something boozy and bitter, even in the summer."

"I feel like you're sending me mixed signals," said one bartender.

Thus began the process for what would become the Mixed Signals ($13), a cocktail that is simultaneously bright, smoky and herbaceous. Mezcal serves as the base spirit, joined by Punt e Mes vermouth, Luxardo bitters and Kummel liqueur. It's the Kummel, with its flavor notes of caraway, fennel and cumin, that provides the subtle herbaceous accent.

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