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Fulton Market Kitchen & Celeste Owners Bringing New Bar & Restaurant to West Town

The owners of Black Bull, Bordel, Fulton Market Kitchen, Celeste, and The Drifter are combining forces to bring a new bar and restaurant to West Town/East Village. The group has joined forces to become Bonhomme Hospitality and the team is calling their new spot BEATNIK, according to a news release. They’re aiming for a summer opening.

The release offered no further details about BEATNIK, but a search of city records shows a few building permits listed under Bonhomme partner Daniel Alonso’s name for 1604 W. Chicago Ave. That’s a mostly-vacant parcel in West Town off the northwest corner of Chicago and Ashland avenues. It’s currently more or less an empty shell.

Plenty of work needs to be done at Beatnik before the planned summer opening.

Ashok Selvam

Within the news release, Bonhomme announced they’ve hired Liz Pearce, acclaimed co-owner and beverage director of The Drifter, as the company’s first-ever beverage director. She’ll consult on drink development for Bonhomme’s restaurants and bars, including upcoming concepts as well as BEATNIK, while continuing her work at Drifter. Pearce’s sparkling resume also includes stints at The Drawing Room, The Aviary, and The Gage. She’s a decorated bartender who also won the Speed Rack competition back in 2013.

Liz Pearce

Courtesy of Bonhomme Hospitality

Alonso (Black Bull, Bordel, Fulton Market Kitchen) previously joined forces with Celeste owners Nadir, Rafid, and Fadi Hindo to successfully reimagine Celeste’s third floor into the ‘70s-themed drinking and dancing spot Disco. Adding Pearce to the mix brings promise of standout cocktails as well to an up-and-coming area between Wicker Park and the West Loop. Stay tuned for more intel on what could be a new hotspot.

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