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5 Boozy Ways to Drink Your Vegetables

From childhood, we were told “eat your vegetables” by parents and teachers. As much as we might have preferred to binge on Oreos or roll-ups back then, we can now admit that they were absolutely right to insist we finish that last piece of broccoli. And the older we get, the more we discover all the incredible ways to prepare these natural delights. For us, almost everything is better when spiked with a little booze, veggies included. Whether you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the green juice craze or have a hankering for bright, bold beets, here are five fresh ways to drink your vegetables.

There are all kinds of ways to enjoy the South American brandy, pisco, but we especially love the spirit when it’s mixed with a healthy balance of sweet and tart. For his nod to the Pisco Sour, bartender Sean Giordano of Chicago’s Fulton Market Kitchen harnessed the sweetness of spring peas. “We are trying to capture the essence of spring in a very floral, aromatic cocktail that has just a touch of savory quality at the finish,” Giordano says. “It's perfect as an aperitif or sipped alongside an early course such as salad, cheese or grilled seafood." Even though it’s made with spring peas, this delightful drink is perfect for imbibing any time of year.

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