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A Brilliant Feature from 360 Mag Featuring One of our Gallery Shows!

360 Magazine highlighted one of our great gallery nights! This featured shared the POVOS gallery show which featured William Schaeuble. His work, along with the other members of POVOS, are available to be seen online!

From the article:

"Fulton Market Kitchen, 311 N. Sangamon, is a high-style restaurant that always welcomes culture and creativity. As such, they are thrilled to announce a new ticketed art show in their stunning upstairs gallery on August 19th from 5-9 pm in collaboration with a new online gallery, custom works service and art events social action organization, Povos. In his own whimsical language, artist William Schaeuble has created extraordinary sites of joy and imagination – making the mundane magical – and welcomes guests to enjoy the collection with a custom cocktail tuned to fit the artwork itself. Tickets are $20 and include a reservation to dine in the restaurant before or after enjoying the show."


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