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Fulton Market Kitchen May Be Chicago’s Coolest-Looking Bar

A bar with art on the walls is one thing, but at brand-new restaurant/lounge hybrid Fulton Market Kitchen (311 N. Sangamon St., West Loop, 312-733-6900) the place is a work of art in and of itself. After you enter through the red-and-black-painted door, it’s full-on aesthetic overload. There are street-art-inspired murals, pop portraits of Batman, wooden boats dangling from the ceiling, and a bar back made of stacked chairs. Partner Alex Morales lovingly calls the look “controlled chaos.”

The eclectic vibe extends to the drink menu, where you’ll find the Ecto Non-Cooler, an homage to the Hi-C flavor of yore (Vida mezcal, lime Jarritos soda, and a spicy salted rim), and the Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (Bacardi Heritage, Bacardi 8, falernum, angostura, lime, and beet.)

Here’s what we saw there on opening weekend.

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