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The 5 Most Beautiful (OK, and Delicious) Restaurants in Chicago

It’s all in good taste

There are two things Chicagoans excel at: food and design--have you seen those Frank Lloyd Wrights?

So, when we have the chance to gobble up the city’s best dishes in a setting that’s equally gorgeous, it’s a total home run. (Ah, that was the third thing: sports.) Here are the five most visually stunning restaurants in town.


You should know: this spot has seriously good cocktails. But first, drink in the scenery. FMK’s epic design mixes murals with chandeliers, dripping candles and upside-down chairs. And it totally works. P.S: The new executive chef, Chris Curren, rolls out his first menu on March 14. And there’s an off-the-menu burger you'll feel so cool ordering.

311 N. Sangamon St.; 312-733-6900 or

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