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Bryant Lamont

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Works from Chicago and Nashville. Social justice centered, Bryant Lamont's work examines the systems of racism in America. Most recent bodies of work viscerally examine the staggering incarceration of Black men. Growing up in the ‘80s he had an innate passion for architecture and design; but had no formal mentorship in the arts. A photography major at Columbia College (Chicago) lead him through the world of corporate graphic design and printing; wedding photography and ultimately his first gallery effort in 2000 ~ SteeleLife. And more recently, ArtRevolution in Chicago and Nashville.

When asked about style, “I don’t have a style.” He is driven to create with pure autonomy regardless of social consequence, fear of reprisal, judgement or lack of retail sales. “I have to say what I need to say. The way I choose to say it.” An avid researcher of national policies and social constructs that support systems of injustice, his works are grand in scale using mixed media to provoke the viewer to look inwardly at their own bondage to and/or participation in systemic racism and economic inequality.

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