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Gracie Hagan

Gracie Hagen is an artist that currently resides in Chicago & is completelyself taught. As a result, she's developed a unique esthetic guided only by her desire to create the type of images that appeal to her. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Beautiful Decay, The Daily Mail, & more. (She also works with private clients because she feels commercial portraiture fails to capture the subject in interesting ways. Hercommissioned works can be found here.) It is the honesty that draws her to photography & videography. The interesting complexity in people is what compels her to use the human form as the predominant subject. In her work she tries to capture questions about who we are & how we see ourselves. Her images serve to expose the open, vulnerable, & sometimes uncomfortable realities of our hidden nature. This process, revealing elements of our shared humanity, is fascinating; it allows her to simultaneously explore & illustrate feelings through her art while provoking social discourse. She wants her work to show the core commonalities beneath our vast diversity. As such, her projects often features series where the angles, poses, & backdrops are unifying while the unique models & faces are as varied as humanity itself. We are all the same. We are all different. Even though multiple series contain unrelated themes, they are all illustrating unique parts of the same body.

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